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Custom Websites
Website Integration
From ecommerce to information about your company, we can build you whatever you want. Get the site of your dreams at an affordable price.
Business Process Solutions
BPMN, Business Process Modeling
From creating a robust Java application to generating an IBM Business Process Model, we have the ability to capture and implement the processes associated with your business.
Vendor Integrations
Vendor Integrations
Do you need site integration with your vendors or ecommerce platforms? We can integrate with any exposed application interface unlocking the power of your information system.
Products and Demos
Product Demos
See product offerings and demonstrations to get ideas of possibilities for your project.
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Our Story

Our story began two years ago when the Barnes family moved to Palestine from Dallas. Joseph Barnes identified a gap in services and realized there is a need for software development in East Texas. Having over 11 years of experience as a software engineer, he decided to make his services available to his neighbors. Thus, Longhorn Software Solutions was born.

Longhorn Software Solutions offers application development and maintenance services for small to medium-sized businesses in East Texas. Our solutions include websites, business process applications, and custom software.

Meet the Owner About Us

Joseph Barnes graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington in 2014. He worked as lead engineer for Verizon and T-Mobile where he led the application development and maintenance for automated ordering and billing systems. He also worked as Senior Software Engineer at Wells Fargo on their credit / debit card processing application and Medecision’s patient / provider health care management information system.

Enterprise Projects

Verizon Business
  1. Automated ordering system for USPS
    • Oversaw development and maintenance efforts for the BPM and Java applications responsible for all USPS order processing.
    • Oversaw decomposition of the monolithic java application that handled business logic and persistence into Spring Boot microservices.
    • Oversaw migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
    • Oversaw migration from IBM-BPM to IBM-BAW.
    • Oversaw migration from Java 8 to Java 17.
  2. On-Net Building Processing System
    • Oversaw development and maintenance efforts for BPM and Java applications responsible for making decisions for running fiber trunks
    • Oversaw migration from Java 7 to Java 8.
  3. Multi-Order Processing System
    • Built and maintained Java Applications that handled integration with multiple systems for processing HBPX Orders
    • Upgraded the application from Java 5 to Java 8
    • Upgraded the appplication server from JBoss 7 to Wildfly Application Server
T-Mobile – Business Wireline
  1. Order Processing and Billing System
    • Oversaw the development and maintenance efforts of business order and billing system.
    • Oversaw the greenfield development of external order processing web service.
Wells Fargo
  1. National Credit / Debit Card Transaction Processing Application
    • Built and maintained application responsible for credit / debit card transactions, fraud prevention, and card activations nationwide
    • Decomposed the monolithic java application into Spring Boot microservices
    • Migrated microservices from company data centers to PCF
    • Built Apigee proxy flows for microservice routing logic
  1. Aerial Care Management
    • Built enhancements and maintained application responsible for health care management and relationships between providers and patients
    • Migrated the application from AWS to GCP
    • Upgraded JPA / Hibernate to be database agnostic
    • Migrated the application from Oracle to PostgreSQL
    • Migrated the application from monolith to Spring Boot
  2. Healthcare Coordinator
    • Built enhancements and maintained application responsible for health care management and relationships between providers and patients

Operating Principles