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Website Integration
From ecommerce to information about your company, we can build you whatever you want. Get the site of your dreams at an affordable price.
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BPMN, Business Process Modeling
From creating a robust Java application to generating an IBM Business Process Model, we have the ability to capture and implement the processes associated with your business.
Vendor Integrations
Vendor Integrations
Do you need site integration with your vendors or ecommerce platforms? We can integrate with any exposed application interface unlocking the power of your information system.
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Product Demos
See product offerings and demonstrations to get ideas of possibilities for your project.
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Custom Websites

Website Design

A website is essential to any business in the 21st century. It allows customers to learn more about your company, ethics, and product offerings. At bare minimum, a company should have a basic site that describes who they are and what they do. More complex sites will have ecommerce incorporated into it with online shopping, vendor integration, messaging and more. They will offer mobile compatibility along with quick rendering of their content.

Good websites will be intuitive and easy to use. Most companies incorporate their social media sites into it allowing end users to view real-time social media posts about their products and services. They also allow for analytics tracking to better understand their target market. They should be readily available with low latency and quick response times without breaking the bank.

Every website we develop is optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and come with site analytics. This helps to ensure you have the best ranking possible on Google and Bing. What's the point in having an awesome website if its ranks at the bottom of the list?

Example SEO Report
Website Performance
Example Annalytics Dashboard
Analytics by Country Analytics by Source
Path to Success

Our goal is to make enterprise tools available to small and medium sized businesses at affordable rates. Please take a look at the following video, it gives you an idea on how to plan for your project. Contact Us to discuss costing and time frame per feature. By taking a wholistic view, you can get an idea of what to expect and can budget accordingly.

There are many options in choosing the architecture of your site. From static HTML pages to robust Spring MVC applications, like a shoe, it should fit the business. Allow us to explore the different options available to provide exactly what you want. View our products to learn more about our offerings.

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